Delivery Policies

Delivery Policies

Before buying any product in our store, the customer should be aware that:


Usually the average delivery time is 30 minutes! (after confirmation of payment) and our maximum term is up to 24h due to the local time zone, which may extend up to 72h, if have any "unforeseen" like a: holidays, high sales flow, etc... PS: WE WORK EVERY DAY!

We also remind you that if the deadline expires and the customer does not feel satisfied, the customer may request a refund, provided he has previously contacted, to know what happened to his request, so that there are no communication errors.


Our forms of delivery depend on each product! But, generally they are done by in-game transfer or by email through game codes.

The customer will always receive a notification email with more information at the end of each delivery. In addition, all requests are printed and categorized so that they can be used as evidence to clarify any doubts or attempted frauds.


Our products may undergo price changes without prior notice. Will be free of this change, only orders placed and paid before the change is completed.

If something is not clear or if you have any questions regarding the text above, please do not hesitate to send us an email: we will be at your disposal.